Who would have thought that to make such a cute vase for fruit and sweets can be using sticks of ice cream:) Let’s find out exactly how this can be done.

We will need:


  • Ice cream sticks or medical spatulas
  • Glue PVA

Handmade sticks for ice cream with own hands


1. Take wooden sticks and lay out of them a hexagon, gluing together between themselves ends of sticks

Vase for sweets

2. Make in this way nine layers of sticks

Vase for fruit with own hands

3. We continue to glue the sticks, but gradually shift them to the center (shift exactly on the width of the wand). We should get about 7 layers of sticks

Handmade sticks with own hands photo

4. Now we need to form the bottom of the vase. For this, we seal the bottom with chopsticks closely

Handmade wooden sticks

5. Remove the adhesive residue and let the vase dry

Thats all! Here we have made such beauty from sticks for ice-cream with own hands. It remains to find a suitable place for it.

Chopsticks Vases

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