Such an unusual vase of cans will look beautiful in any interior. Let’s learn how to make a vase of cans with your own hands. We will need:


  • Scissors


  • Glass jar
  • Kraft paper
  • Double sided scotch


1. Take a glass jar and glue over on all sides double sided scotch

How to make a vase from a jar

Vase made of glass jars

2. Take kraft paper and cut it strips

How to make a vase of cans with your own hands

3. Twist the strips of paper in flagella

Vase with your own hands of glass jars

4. Glue the flagellums to the jar around the circle

Vase of cans with own hands

The vase is ready!

How to make a vase at home

One more version of making the original vase you can see here

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