Who would have thought that to make such a lampshade is possible with the help of paper filters for coffee. Let’s learn more about how you can breathe new life into the old lampshade. To do this, we will need:


  • Glue gun


  • Lampshade
  • Paper filters for coffee
  • Rod for glue gun


1. Take a paper filter for coffee and fold it in half. After that, take your fingers for the middle of the filter, pulls it down and form a flower bud.

Lampshade of coffee Filters

Forming a flower from a coffee filter

Lampshade hand maid

2. Apply hot glue to the middle and glue to the base lampshade

Glue filters to the lampshade

3. Paste thus filters on the entire lampshade. We try to glue the filters tightly to each other

That’s the air beauty we got!

Updating lampshade

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