Let’s consider one more variant of a gift for holidays-this original cake from a paper with wishes inside. To make this gift, we need:


  • Scissors


  • Color paper
  • Decorations
  • Glue


1. Our cake with wishes will have 12 pieces. In order to make every piece of cake, you need to use this kind of workpiece. Print this template on different sheets of colored paper and cut.

Template for making a piece of cake

2. Now you need to bend our billets on the dotted lines and make the boxes-pieces of cake. As a result, we have 12 pieces, inside which you can put wishes and gifts.

Piece of paper cakeSurprise in a piece of paper cake

Wish in a piece of paper cake  Gift in a piece of paper cakeSouvenir in a piece of paper cake

3. Do not forget about the decoration and décor of the paper cake. It can be done practically from everything that we have at hand. For decoration perfectly suitable beads, sequins, confetti, etc. Fantasize little and you will get an original, beautiful cake.

Paper cake with your own hands

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