To make a stand under the hot from sticks for ice cream with own hands, we will need:


  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Marker
  • Brush


  • Wooden sticks or medical spatulas
  • Decoupage cards or napkins with a picture
  • Glue for decoupage
  • Tracing paper

Stands for Hot Master Class


1. First we take a wooden stick, apply glue on the edge and and glue with another stick. In this way you need to glue together about 11 sticks

2. Сoat with glue two sticks and we paste them on our base

How to make stand for hot

3. Turn over the stand. The entire surface well lubricate with glue

From the sticks for ice cream with own hands

4. Take a napkin and cut out the drawings you like

Handmade sticks for ice cream with own hands

5. Place the cut out drawings on the stand, put a tracing paper on top and iron it all.

Handmade wooden sticks

6. Use the marker to decorate the edges of the cupholder

Stand with own hands from the tree photo

7. Again, we cover everything with glue

Stands for Hot Master Classes

8. Waiting for the stand to dry

That’s all The mug stand is ready

Cup stand with own hands

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