Let’s learn how to make such a wonderful snowflake in the technique of kvilling-from folded and swirling pieces of paper. To do this, we will need:


  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Rolls for quilling (optional)


  • Paper (color or white)


1. First you need to cut the paper on the stripes and roll the spirals.

2. Squeezee the resulting revolution with one moaning. This way we will give spiral a droplet look.

Make a drop of paper

3. To create snowflakes we will need more such details-sticks with one-sided curls on the sides. On the one hand, the curlicues should be larger than the other.

Turn paper from both sides

4. Make two such sticks and glue the crossbars among themselves glue.

Glue the crossbars between each other

5. We also need to do these details:

Curls to create snowflakesBlanks for making Snowflakes

6. Make all the necessary elements. The picture shows the necessary amount of all the parts for assembling snowflakes.

Necessary details to create snowflakes

7. Now we begin to assemble our snowflakes. Alternately we combine our details, sticking them with each other with the help of glue.

Start folding the Snowflake

Continue to fold the snowflake

Continue to fold the snowflake

Continue to fold the snowflake

That’s it! Snowflake in the technique kvilling-ready.

Paper Snowflake in kvilling technique

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