To make such an original craft, we will need:


  • Scissors


  • Paper


Our snowflake-ballerina is created from two elements-tutus (skirts) and ballerinas.

1. To begin, we need to print on paper a favorite ballerina pattern and cut it.

Ballerina pattern

Ballerina pattern

Ballerina pattern

2. We will make a tutu of a ballerina from a snowflake. For its manufacture take a sheet of paper, fold it and cut a snowflake. Templates for cutting snowflakes you can see here or here.

Fold paper

Cut the snowflake with your hands

3. Now we have to put a pack of folded snowflakes on our ballerina.

Snowflake ballerina from paper with his hands

All! Snowflake “Ballerina” of paper is ready.

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