Agree, the rose of money created by his hands-a very original gift.  Any woman will be delighted with such a bouquet.

Let’s learn how to make such a rose. We will need:


  • 4 banknotes
  • Thin wire
  • Decoration, for example, a branch with leaflets


1. Take the banknote, bend it in the middle and fold corners as shown in the picture.

Forming a rose bud from banknotes

2. Take a thin wire and wrap one of its end around the banknote in the middle, thereby pullinging it.


3. We need to make four of these.

Billets for Roses

4. Now it’s time to form a flower from the banknotes. To do this, gradually connect the workpiece between each other and form a rose bud (see the picture)

Continue to shape the bud

5. Bud’s ready. Now it is necessary to wind between each other four wires to get one flower leg.

Forming a bud of money

Rose of money with his own hands

6. In principle, the product is ready, but if you want to decorate it, then take a sprig and attach it to the flower leg.

Bouquet of roses from banknotes with their hands

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