With the help of such daisies can decorate any gift or postcard, as well as decorate different crafts.  To create daisies we need:


  • Scissors


  • White and yellow paper
  • Glue
  • Small wooden skewer or wire (optional, use it if you go to make a stalk)


1. To begin with, we will need to prepare the outer petals. Take white paper and cut out a few circles. They must be in the size of the colors.  Next, make cuts from the edge of the circle to the center, without cutting to the end. Cut a semicircle of the edges of the petals of our future daisy.

White blanks for Daisy paper

2. Take a pen, pencil or something like that and use them to rotate each edge of the petals.

Curls the edges of the petals

3. Now we will need to cut out the yellow paper a thin long strip. After that cut on this strip a fringe on all length (not cutting to an edge). Using a wire or a spoke turn it.  That our hank does not decay, it is necessary to periodically drip glue on a strip. Now we can fluff the resulting fringe.

Yellow Middle-fringe for daisies of paper

4.  The only thing left is to collect our flower. For this purpose it is necessary to glue resulting yellow core on a white blank with petals. As a result, we get a beautiful paper chamomile made by hand. On the petals of chamomile you can write different wishes

Daisies of paper with their own hands

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