Let’s take a closer look at how you can make a pyramid of paper with your own hands. To do this, we need:


  • Scissors


Corrugated paper, cardboard or colored thick paper

  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Decoration


1. First you need to print the template and cut the edges of our workpiece.  If you want a pyramid of another size, then proportionally change the size of the template.

Paper Pyramid pattern

As a result, we will get such a blank:

Cut out the pyramid pattern from the paper

2. Bend the preparation of the pyramid according to the pattern shown in the first picture.

Start folding the Pyramid of paper

3. At this stage, you can put a gift in the middle of the pyramid and fold the walls, pyramids. We got a full pyramid. That walls did not decay, it is possible to fasten them with a small amount of glue.

We continue to fold the pyramid of paper

Fold Pyramid of paper

4. It’s time to fasten and decorate the pyramid of paper with a ribbon. For this purpose it is necessary to take a cut of a tape and tie cross-cross a pyramid.

Pyramid of paper with his own hands

Obvjazyvaem Ribbon Pyramid of paper

5. Tie the rest of the tape from the top of the pyramid into a beautiful bow.

Tie Bow on the pyramid

6. Gift wrapping “Pyramid” is ready. It remains only to decorate it with the help of various ornaments.

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