Peonies from paper with own hands

It is hard to believe that such lovely peonies can be made on their own. Let’s look at how this can be done. We need:


  • Scissors


  • Corrugated paper (assorted colors)
  • Thin wire
  • Glue


1. First you need to make a core for the flower-pistils. To do this, take a small size rectangle, apply droplets glue on it and gently glue to a. In the process you need to twist the rectangle around the wire. How to do it-look at the picture

Peony core of paper

2. After we have prepared 3 identical workpieces, we begin to wind every stripe of green paper. It is necessary to form a small thickening, and then to twist three preparations together.

Twist Blanks together

3. Now we begin to manufacture stamens for the core of our future peony of paper. To do this, cut a rectangle of yellow or orange paper and from one edge cut the fringe. After that apply on all length glue and wound a fringe on a workpiece.

A fringe for the core of a peony of paper

4. Let us now move on to the formation of peony petals. For the peony to look like a real, we will need petals of various forms. You can use the options that are presented in the picture. It is also desirable to use different shades.

Petals for peony of paper

5. We begin to glue on a circle resulting earlier billet of a flower. Thus we begin to form a bud of a peony from a paper.

Glue petals to the basis of peony

6. We continue to glue the petals until the size of the bud is not satisfied.

The size of a peony bud from paper with his own hands

7. The peony from the paper is almost ready. It remains only to cut and paste a few extreme petals. They can be made darker in color.

Attach the extreme Petals

8. Now you need to repeat several times all the steps to craft a few more peonies and make a beautiful bouquet.

Bouquet of peonies from paper with own hands

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