Such a beautiful decorative panel can be a wonderful gift for any occasion. It is made of small paper hearts and looks very gentle. Besides, it is not difficult to make such interesting crafts.

For the making of paper applications you will need:


  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Glue


  • Color paper
  • Whatman or paper of the desired size
  • Frame, not obligatory

1. First, decide what size your picture will be and prepare for it suitable whatman or white paper.

2. Next make a heart template. 

Paper applications

3. Put the template on the paper and circle the contours with a pencil.

Paper Paintings

4.  Now you need to prepare decorations for the panno. To do this, draw on paper hearts of smaller size and cut out the scissors.

Three-dimensional pictures of paper


To make a beautiful picture, you can combine different colors of paper and the size of hearts. It is not necessary to adhere to a heart-shaped pattern. You can use a circle or square shape.

5. Form from the hearts flowers of different diameters, grease with glue and spread out on your discretion.

Voluminous pictures of paper with your own hands

Heart of paper

6. Continue to distribute the flowers by filling the entire plane of the pattern.

How to make a heart of paper

7. If you wish, pick a suitable frame to the resulting picture.

Picture of paper

That’s all! Your beautiful paper picture is ready. Here are the pictures turn out in the end:

Panel with your own hands master

Panel Master Class

Master classes murals on the wall

Master Class on Applique

Also you can see another variant to create a panno of paper.

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