In today’s master class we learn how easy it is to make such a panno with your own hands. So, we’ll need:


  • Scissors


  • Color paper
  • Cardboard
  • Adhesive or double sided adhesive tape


1. Cut a square of colored paper

2. Fold the paper in half and then once again in half to get the square

Panno with own hands master class

3. Expand workpiece

How to make a panno with your own hands

4. Fold the 4 corners to the center point of the sheet

Panno with own hands from the improvised

5. Make blanks of different colors as described above

6. Take the base of the cardboard and with the help of glue or double-sided adhesive tape attach to it blanks

Panno with own hands from improvised materials

7. Fasten the panels on the wall

Wall panno with own hands

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