This original paper umbrella made by yourself can decorate any craft or become a separate gift. Making crafts will only take about ten minutes of time.  Well, we begin:)


  • Scissors
  • Pencil or pen


  • Glue
  • Color paper
  • Piece of wire
  • Plate or saucer
  • A piece of corrugated wrapping paper or foil (to decorate the handle of the umbrella)


1. First you need to take a sheet of colored paper, using a plate or saucer to draw a circle on it and cut it.

Materials to create an umbrella of paper with their own hands

2. Then fold the cut circle in half and then again in half. We got one of the main elements of the canopy of the umbrella of paper.

Fold Circle to create a paper umbrella

3. Now we need to cook as much as possible similar workpieces, preferably different colors. Then the umbrella will look more cheerful.

Paper Blanks for umbrella creation

4. In this picture is marked with a dotted line that part of the workpiece, which we have to grease with glue, the lower part of the element is left dry.  At the bottom of the workpiece there should be a part with forked edges.

Gluing paper Umbrella

5. Now it’s time to glue all the elements together, alternating colors. So we’re forming a dome for our paper umbrella. We recommend to use a lot of blanks to make our umbrella turned out voluminous and lush.

Umbrella paper Canopy

6. If you look in the middle of the dome, we will see that there is a small gap. You need to insert a procrastination in it. The bottom of a wire bend so that the handle of an umbrella has turned out. For a more aesthetic appearance it can be wrapped in foil or corrugated wrapping paper.

Umbrella made of multi-colored paper step version

All! Our umbrella of colored paper is ready! It took us a few minutes of free time to create it.

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