In order to make the volume stars from the paper with their own hands, we will need:


  • Scissors
  • Punch (if you want to make a hole on the asterisks)


  • Multi-colored paper
  • Glue


1. First of all we need to save and print the template, which is located in the picture below. This is going to be a sweep of our paper-size asterisk.

Blank to create a star with your own hands

2. After printing the workpiece on the paper of the color we need, we begin to cut the workpiece on the outer contour. If you want to later attach a place of work, then you need to make a hole punch or something else.

Cut the billet of the star

3. Now we begin bending on all lines of our future star.

Star Bending on lines

4. After all bent, apply drops of glue on lateral bends and proceed to bonding a star (see drawing).

Apply glue to the blank star from paper

Glue Star from paper

Here’s what we got:

Star from paper hand maid

Now you can turn on the imagination and find for these stars your place:)

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