Such a positive postcard to make is not difficult, so it can be done together with children. To create a postcard we will need:


  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


  • A4 paper sheet for postcard basics
  • Colored paper
  • Glue

Make a postcard with your child with your hands


1. First we need to make the basis of the postcard. For this we take a dense sheet of A4 paper and bend it in half. Round off the corners with scissors (not necessarily).

2. Print the template of the tree crown and petals

Postcards of paper with your own hands scheme templates

3. Cut the template of the tree crown, transfer it to the color paper and cut.

4. Now we need to cut a lot of petals. To do this, take a sheet of colored paper, bend it in half and apply to the bend cut the template of the petal so that the bending lines of the template (in the figure marked with a dotted line) and colored paper match. In this way, cut out a lot of different petals.

5. Cut out details can be spread based on a postcard, planning the location and number of workpieces

Cards with your own hands scheme templates for printout

Postcard with your own hands print template

6. At first glue to the basis of a postcard a trunk of the future tree, and then petals (to apply glue it is necessary only the bottom part of a petal).

7. Draw by pencil lines on the trunk, simulating the bark.

8. Sign a postcard.

The postcard is ready!

Postcard with your own hands step photo

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