Let’s learn today how to turn cardboard, newspaper and used coffee filters into a beautiful frame. The result so impressive that you would not even imagine what materials were used, if you did not read above, do you agree? Let’s learn more about how to make a frame with own hands. So, we’ll need:


  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Stationery knife
  • Brush
  • Ruler
  • Pencil


  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • Glue PVA
  • Glue stick for glue gun
  • Used coffee filters


1. We begin to manufacture a framework. Take the cardboard and cut out of it two rectangles, equal to 18 × 22 cm

2. Take one of the rectangles, retreat from all sides 4 cm from the edges and cut a rectangular niche for the photo

Make the frame by yourself

3. From a cardboard we cut also one strip in width 22 × 4 cm which will serve as the holder of a frame.

4. Cut the newspaper on strips and using glue PVA strips on the cardboard blanks frame. Newspaper strips increase the strength of the cardboard box, and also facilitate the gluing of coffee filters

Make frame for photo master class

5. We are waiting for our billets to dry.

6. Cut into parts prepared for use filters (on how to prepare the coffee filters for use, read here).

7. Cover the workpieces with glue PVA and start gluing the filters.

Photo Frame with his hands

8. It’s time to glue together our workpieces. We take a glue gun, cover glue on three edges of a rectangle and densely press to it the second rectangle.

Adhesives Coffee Filrty to frame

Photo Frame glue Parts

One side remained unglued. Through this niche will be easy to insert any size pictures

Niche for inserting photos

9. Seal filters the remaining places. Note: Because the filter is very porous, it can form wrinkles on the product. To remove them easily, it is possible to use a plastic bag: tightly press it to the product, until the bubbles and wrinkles disappear. This method is perfect for all decoupage methods.

 Smooth wrinkles on photo frame

10.It remains to attach the holder to the frame. For this purpose take our holder and bend its top part. Then glue the holder by hot glue to the back of the frame

Frame Photo Holder

All! Our frame frame from the coffee filters is ready!

Filter frame

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