In order to make such an original rug from the rope with own hands, we will need:


  • Knife (normal sharp or clerical)
  • Needle
  • Scissors


  • Rope or rope
  • Silicone adhesive
  • Fabric (canvas or other dense)
  • Thread


1. For starters we take a tarpaulin fabric and cut out of it a circle. It should fit the size of our future mat.

A circle of canvas fabric for a carpet of a rope

2. Sew the edges of the workpiece

3. Take a rope and wound it with a ring, keeping a hand the middle

Wound Rope for carpet making

4. When you have reached the desired size of the mat, then carefully cut the rope

Cut the length of the rope

5. With the help of silicone glue fix the product, that the rope is not untwisted

Fix glue carpet from rope

6. Take a cut circle of canvas fabric and glue it to the twisted rope, well pressing

Carpet mat from the rope with his own hands

Glue the mat from the rope

7. All! Our rope mat is ready! It remains to find a suitable place for him

Carpet of Rope Hand maid

Carpet of the rope with his own hands

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