In order to create a feeder from the field by ourselves, we will need:


  • Chainsaw
  • Electro Jigsaw
  • Chisel semicircular
  • Hammer


  • Log
  • Chain-1 meter
  • Carbine
  • Mounting loop-2 pieces
  • Screws

1. We take a box and cut from it a chainsaw from two sides of a small thickness two circles.

Cut two circles on the sides of the field

2. Now we can cut the length of the pitch wedge, about 45 degrees.

Cut the wedge along the length of the field

Cutting a wedge from a field

3. Cut wedge pull from the field.

4. We make transverse and longitudinal cuts in the middle of the field, not cutting to a contour of about 5 centimeters.

longitudinal and transverse cuts

5.  Hollow out the middle of our field with the help of a hammer and chisel. In order to make the inner part smooth, align chipped. Of the two circles we sawed, cut the plugs that will be fastened on the sides of the feeder. For this purpose it is necessary to put to paulinin a circle and to outline a size of a stub on an internal contour.  Carefully cut out her jigsaw.

Vydalblivaem Middle of the field

The middle of the field

6. Now you can insert stubs at the edges of the feeder and attach them with the screws.

Insert stubs at the edges of the product

Installing stubs at the edges

7. The feeder is ready, only now to make for it fastenings. For this purpose it is necessary to the top part of a feeder screw on each side mounting loops. We attach a chain to them.

Vkruchenye loops for mounting the feeder

8. On a chain fasten a carbine and hang up a feeder on a tree.

Fixing the chain to the feeder

Attach the carbine to the chain

All! The feeder is ready!

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