To create this strawberry candy we need:


  • Scissors
  • Knife


  • Red tulle or organza
  • Scotch, regular, double-sided and green
  • Red wrapping paper
  • Round candies
  • Foam
  • Wire
  • Toothpicks
  • Leaves for decoration


1. Take the styrofoam and start to cut out the oval. If a piece of styrofoam is not high, then it is necessary, with the help of double-sided tape, to connect two layers between each other, and then to give the foam shape.

Styrofoam to create the basics of strawberry

2. Try to give our base the shape of the egg.

Cut the base of the strawberry

3. Take a piece of wire, a length of about seven centimeters and make one end of the loop. Then take the candy and look for a place in it, where wound wrapper. This place should be put in a wire loop and it is good to fix everything.

Wound Wrap on Wire

4. From the red packing paper cut a square, the size of about 7 centimeters. In the middle of the square put the pre-cooked candy on the wire and wrap the ends of the paper around the candy and wire. That the paper does not untwisted, fix a tape place of twisting. Sticking out the ends of a paper it is better to cut off, that they did not interfere at further formation of a strawberry.

Forming Candies

5. Repeat the previous steps and do such actions with all candies.

6. Now you need to take the base of styrofoam and gently stuck into it from all sides of the candy.

7. When the whole base is filled with candies, spaces will be visible. To eliminate them, take a red tulle or organza, cut squares, turn a piece, a little moving its edge, twist on top of a toothpick and fix the resulting flower with the help of scotch (see picture)

We form the flowers of tulle

8. Stick the resulting flowers in places with spaces.

9. Our strawberry is ready. Now it’s time to decorate it. For this purpose by means of a bilateral scotch glue to a berry leaves and form a stalk. Leaves can be made of corrugated paper, and the stalk-from the twisted wire and winded on its length of green scotch.

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