With the help of such delightful cupcakes you can decorate a festive table, as well as they can serve as the original packaging for the gift. Let’s take a closer look at how you can make yourself a cupcake out of paper.

To create a cupcake we need:


  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Bank gum
  • Pencil


  • Multi-colored paper
  • Plastic cup
  • Thread
  • Glue
  • Decoration


1. To begin, we need to cut a multicolored paper polosochkoj about 3 cm. in width. Glue this striped to a cup, which we have previously cut to the desired size.

Glue striped paper to the cupcake preparation

2. Take a multicolored paper and cut a strip of the same height with a cup and fold it in harmonica. It will serve as the foundation of our future cupcake.

Accordion of paper for preparation of a cupcake

3. Apply a large amount of adhesive on the outside of the plastic cup and glue the workpiece to the base.

Glue harmonica from paper to Cup

4. Fix the base with the help of bank gum and leave until the glue is completely dry.

Strengthen elasticity base cupcake

5. Cut out of a dense paper or cardboard circle, a diameter similar to the bottom of a cup.

Cupcake Paper Circle

6. Turn the glass bottom up and glue the cut circle to the bottom of the cup.

Glue Circle

7. We prepare 4 accordion of paper, different diameter (from larger to smaller). They will serve as a cover for our cupcake.

Accordion of paper for making a cupcake from paper

8. Sew each of the four harmonicas on one side, forming sockets (see picture).

Sew Harmonica of paper

Cupcake Top

9. As a result, we got four sockets. Now for each of them it is necessary to cut out circles and to stick to them.

Blanks for making cupcakes from paper

10. For better fastening the largest socket it is necessary to stick a circle to panties which we glued to a cup in the first step. Next glue the pyramid socket on each other.


We got this adorable cupcake.


11. Now you can decorate our cupcake paper with accessories and put inside a gift.

Paper cupcake with his own hands

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