To make such an original gift package in the form of candy we need:


  • Scissors
  • Stationery knife


  • Colored paper or colored cardboard
  • Ribbons
  • Decoration paper
  • Double sided tape


1. First print the candy template on a colored paper and cut it out. If you need a template of another size, then redraw the template according to your preferences

candy from paper with your own hands

2. Take a stationery knife and cut out our template. Please pay your attention to the shape of the edges of our future candy

Cut the candy from the paper

3. Next we need to fold our workpiece on the dotted lines and paste striped double-sided scotch tape. How to do it, you can see in the picture

Bend on the template candy

4. In order to wrap the candy, you need to glue its edges to each other

Fold Candy and paper

5. The time has come to give realism to our candy. For this purpose it is necessary to decorate it color paper with the help of double-sided scotch tape

Decorate the paper candy

6. It remains only to put inside a candy surprise…

Gift in a candy paper with own hands

7. … and tie it on both sides of the ribbons

Tie the ribbon around the edges of the candy from the paper

Tie the ribbon around the edges of the candy from the paper

Another variant of the gift wrapping see here

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