Probably you will agree that for any gift you need a beautiful package. Let’s look at how to make a beautiful gift box with your own hands. For the manufacture of the box we will need:


  • Line
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencil


  • Cardboard
  • Color paper (also suitable for wrapping)
  • 2 Ribbons
  • Jewellery (optional)


1. First you need to prepare the basis from which we will make a box. Take a thick cardboard and make the workpiece as in the picture. Then bend the parts, forming a box.

Template blank paper box with his hands

2. On the bottom of the crafts fasten the ribbons with glue. If the ribbons are poorly sticked, glue them to super glue.  This is to ensure that the gift box closes well.

Crepe Ribbons to gift box of paper

3. Next we need to paste the gift box with color or wrapping paper. We do not recommend to make a box of colored cardboard at once, because then the place of gluing of the ribbons will be noticeable, but if you glue the colored paper then it hides all such flaws..

That’s it! We got this beautiful gift box.

Gift box of paper with your own hands

You can also make the box more original and decorate it roses, sequins, rhinestones or bows.

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