To make such wonderful dahlias of paper with our hands we will need:


  • Scissors or stationery knife
  • Pencil
  • Line


  • Adhesive or scotch
  • Color paper

Materials to create dahlia of paper


1. First of all we need to cut the squares of the same size from the paper. The size of the diagonal of the square will determine the size of the petal of our future dahlias. Such billets need to prepare a lot, so to quickly cut into squares, you can use a stationery knife.

Paper Cutting on Squares

2. When we have prepared a sufficient number of squares of different textures and colors, we can proceed to the next steps.

Squares of different colors

3. Take one of our billets and turn it the way we used to do bags. How to do it-shown in the picture below. We got 1 petal of dahlias.

Blanking of a dahlia petal

4. Further smear the bottom part of petals with glue and densely pressing fold them one to one.

Join Blanks Dahlias

5. We continue to do so, so that in the end we got a circle. This is the first row of flower petals.

First row of glued petals made of paper

6. At this stage, do not stop, and continue to glue the petals further, in the second and subsequent rows. Please note: starting from the second row, the petals need to be glue on top of the first row in a staggered manner.

As a result, we have turned out beautiful dahlias, made with our own hands.

Ready-made dahlias of paper with their own hands

Such colors will be an ornament for any gift or postcard. Also it is possible to make from a bottom the beautiful decoupage.

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