In order to make such a house of paper with your own hands, we need:


  • Scissors
  • Stationery knife
  • Line
  • Brush


  • Glue
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Latex primer (optional)
  • Décor


1. Draw or print a house template on a sheet of paper.

Paper House template with his own hands

2. Cut out all the elements of the house and glue them on the cardboard.

3. Cut out of cardboard all the glued elements of the house. Take a stationery knife and cut out elements that require painstaking work such as doors, windows, etc.

Cut the house out of paper

4. Now it is necessary to bend a billet of a house on lines of bends and to glue.

Glue Paper House

5. If you want the house to stand for a long time and not deformed, apply a latex primer on it.

6. It’s time to paint our house in a favorite color.

Paint a house of paper

7. You can decorate your house with a décor, for example, you can put on it a thin layer of glue and sprinkle with artificial snow.

House of paper with his own hands

All! Our paper house is ready. You can enjoy your creation!

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