DIY owl of buttons very nicely looks in the interior of the children’s room. Thanks to the detailed master class and the provided template of owl, this picture to do very easily, so you can safely making it with children.

So, for making owl diy with your own hands you will need:


  • Pen or pencil
  • Tassels
  • Glue gun (if not, you can use Super glue)


  • Buttons of different colors and sizes
  • Paints of different colors
  • Canvas or dense cardboard
  • Frame (optional)

DIY owl is done by such instruction:

1. Decide what size will be your craft owl. The size can vary depending on the number of buttons you are ready to allocate for craft. Take a canvas and draw an image of an owl. You can take the template of owl provided by us.

Owl template:

Owl template

Useful advice:

If you do not have a canvas, you can use a dense sheet of cardboard.

2. Paint the pattern of owl and let the picture completely dry. Colors for the picture pick up to your liking. But they must match the colors of the buttons you have prepared.


3. Carefully glue the buttons to the prepared figure of the owl, observing the colors. Correctly selected buttons under the color of the picture will help to hide the possible distances between the buttons, and such flaws will not be thrown into the eye.

Owl diy


When working with a glue gun, adhere to the safety technique. At the end of the work necessarily disconnect it from the network.

4. Optionally, you can arrange ready picture of an owl in the frame.

Owl diy

That’s all. Owl with your own hands is ready!


Also you can make another version of the picture of buttons with your own hands.

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