Money tap is a good gift for almost any holiday. Let’s learn how to make such a souvenir.

We will need:


  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Line


  • Crane
  • Money (banknotes and coins)
  • Glue
  • Double-sided scotch
  • Wire
  • Gold paint (more convenient in cans)
  • Cardboard
  • Skewers of wood-6 pieces
  • Foam
  • Coins and transparent beads for decoration (optional)

Materials for making a crane out of money

1. First you need to make a crane holder. For this we take six wooden shpazhek, fold them among themselves, and in the middle put the wire in such a way that it was the end.

2. Attach the holder with scotch, and the protruding end of the wire bend (look at the picture).

Bend the edge of the wire

3. Fasten the holder to the crane.

Strong crane to construction

4. Paint the crane with golden paint.

Golden Crane

5. Now we need to make a pedestal for the whole design. You can see the example in the picture. The basis of a pedestal serves foam rubber. Cut out the shape you like and decorate it.


6. Attach the rack to the base of the foam.

7. The crane rack is used to wrap banknotes and to fasten them with the help of glue or double-sided scotch.

Turn the crane rack with banknotes

8. We begin to create “splash” of banknotes. For this we take the banknotes and screw them in turn to the pencil to get “ringlets”.

 Curls bills

9. Use a double-sided adhesive tape or glue to fasten the banknotes to the rack along the entire length.

Attach bills to the crane of money

The crane of the money is ready!

Crane of Money Hand Maid

10. If you want to decorate a little crane, then take coins, transparent beads and additionally decorate crane.

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