Surprisingly, a napkin holder can be done in such a simple way. So let’s find out what materials we need to create a napkin holder from clothespins with own hands:


  • Glue
  • 26 wooden clothespins

Clothespins to create napkin


1. First we take clothespins and pull of them springs

Remove springs from clothespins

2. Turn 2 parts clothespins backs and glue them together as shown in the picture. As a result, we need to make 22 such details

Glue clothespins

3.  of the 22 sets of parts we need to glue 2 “fans” to 11 parts in each “fan”. It will be the carcasses of a napkin holder

4. On two sides, 2 “fans” glue to the halves of the clothespins, as shown in the picture

Making a skeleton for napkin

5.   We have left unused 4 halves of clothespins. Of them we need to make a holder for napkin. For this we take 2 halves and glue their sides between each other. Do the same with the remaining two halves. Now smear glue the sides of the holders and glue to them two carcasses of napkin holder (see photo)

Fasten the parts to the frame napkin

Glue Details Napkin

Napkin of clothespins with his own hands

That’s it! Napkin holder from clothespins is ready! Now left to find it a place on your desk.

Napkin of Clothespins Master Class

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