In this master class we will learn how to convert a regular glass bottle into an original interior item. And it is not difficult to do it at all. So, for the decoration of the glass bottle we will need:


  • Syringe (not obligatory)


  • Glass bottle
  • Acrylic paint
  • Unnecessary basin


1. Wash and dry the bottle

Decoupage bottles with own hands

2. If you do not have a syringe, then gently pour the paint from the flacon into the bottle. If you have a syringe, then we fill it with paint and pour into a bottle

Decoupage Glass Bottle

3. Now it is necessary to twist a bottle with circular movements and to tilt under different angles that the paint evenly distributed on all bottle. If the bottle has surplus paint, then merged it back into the container with paint

4. Turn the bottle upside down and put in a basin to make the glass extra paint

Decoupage Bottles Master Class

5. Once the paint dries, you can pour the paint again into the bottle for a more even distribution.

That’s All! It remains to find the application of such products, for example, you can use bottles as original vases

Decoupage of the bottles photo

Another version of the glass bottle decor see here

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