In this post we will learn how to decorate a flower pot with your own hands. For decoupage pot we will need:


  • Synthetic brush
  • Scissors


  • Flower pot
  • Acrylic transparent lacquer
  • PVA glue or glue for decoupage
  • Acrylic paints
  • Napkin with suitable pattern
  • Primer (not obligatory)
  • Degreaser


1. Degrease the outer surface of the pot. If desired, it can be primed

Flower Pots Decor

2. Take a napkin with a favorite pattern and cutting the pattern

Decor pot with your own hands

Decor flower pots with own hands

3. Carefully separate the colored layer from the napkin substrate.

4. Take liked acrylic paints and paint the pot

Flower Pots Decor

5. On the prepared patterns apply glue for decoupage. If you use PVA glue, dilute it with water in the proportion 2:1 (two parts of PVA glue and 1 part of water) before use.

6. Carefully apply cut details to the surface of the pot. If there are superfluous edges, cut them or bend inside

Decor Pots Photo

7. In the center of the pattern we drip glue and distribute it with a brush from the center to the edges. Make sure, that no remain air bubbles.

8. Wait until the flower pot dries and varnish it

Decorate the pot with your own hands

Enjoy the result!

How to decorate a flower pot

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