Such a wonderful vase can be made by yourself, using black and white beans. Let’s learn more about the way the vase is decorated. So, we need:


  • Acrylic or watercolor paints (black and white)
  • Glue gun
  • Brush
  • White pencil


  • Beans (black and white)
  • One-color vase
  • Glue stick for glue gun


1. To begin with, take a vase and a white pencil draw a pattern on it

Floor vase with own hands master

Vase with own hands from the improvised

2. Take the paint and color the vase, as in the photo. It is necessary, that after the decoration of the beans there were no gaps

Painting the vase with own hands

3. Waiting for the paint to dry, and then take a glue gun and begin to decorate a vase by beans

Decor Vase with own hands

Decor pots Photo

Decor pots with own hands

Vase Decor Beans

Photo vase decor

Bean vase

4. The neck of the vase can be decorated like this:

 Decor vase with own hands photo

That’s it! Our vase has got a new look and will make us happy for a long time.

Vase decor with own hands

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