Such an original vase can be made using rope or twine. This way it is easy to decorate not only vases, but also any receptacles. Let’s learn how to do this. We will need:


  • Scissors


  • Vase or receptacle, that you want to decorate
  • Rope or twine
  • Adhesive or double sided adhesive tape


1. With the help of glue fix the end of the rope in the bottom of the vase (if you use double sided adhesive tape, then glue it in the longitudinal direction of the whole vase)

Decor vase with your own hands photo

2. Wound the rope around the vase, periodically lubricating glue. Try, that the twine tightly adjoined to the surface of the vase

Decor Vase with master class

Enjoy the result!

Decor glass vases with own hands

Another variant of the vase decor see here

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