In this video “Crafts for Kids Videos. Easy and Cool DIY”, we have collected interesting crafts for kids. Look and try to do it with your own hands!

TIMESTAMPS for video “Crafts for Kids”:

00:00 Trick: The emergence of a drawing in water
00:34 Floating fun tadpoles made from paper clips and cocktail tubes
00:51 DIY rocket
01:17 Bow with your own hands, try to make with a child
01:46 Weave a beautiful bracelet with your own hands
02:19 Trick on paper! Children will be delighted
02:43 Idea for a game with a child: a trick with funny worms
03:01 Making beautiful ribbon bows
03:11 Making a bear out of a towel
03:36 Make a cool craft: moving feet
04:33 Сool pencil case from a plastic bottle
05:02 Paper gift box – crafts for kids
05:33 Make a giraffe from plasticine, try it with a child
05:59 Homemade organizer
06:31 DIY puzzle picture for a child ????
07:34 Autumn bouquet: flowers from leaves
07:41 Cute napkin bunny
08:02 Powerful paper airplane that flies far
08:34 The airplane-bird
09:05 Surprise drawing ????

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