If you think what card to present to a man, this post is for you. In this master class let’s learn to make such an original postcard-jacket with own hands. To create a postcard in the form of a jacket, we will need:


  • Pencil
  • White/black pencil or pen
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Lighter or matches


  • Sheet of coloured two-sided paper of A4 format
  • Sheet of paper A4 to create a shirt
  • Glue
  • Satin ribbon
  • Bead


1. To begin, let’s start to create a jacket. For this we take a sheet of bilateral colored paper, turn it in a horizontal position and cut so that the height of our future postcard was 18 centimeters.

2. Take the ruler and measure on one side of the postcard 7.5 cm, and on the other – 8.5 cm. Bend the edge of the jacket according to the markup.

3. Bend the paper on top of the postcard, as shown in the picture, so we have turned lapels

Postcard jacket with tie

4. Now we need to make a shirt for our jacket. Take a sheet of paper and make such a workpiece, as in the photo

Postcard shirt with jacket

Postcard jacket with own hands

5. Take scissors and cut the paper on the lines on two sides (places of cuts are marked on the picture)

Postcard jacket with tie master class

6. Bend the sheet on both sides of the dotted lines, forming the collar of the shirt

Postcard jacket with a tie with own hands

7. Take the tape and form a tie. The top part glue under a collar, retreat down some centimeters, collect a tape in folds and glue on top of a bead, that the knot of a tie has turned out.  At the bottom cut the tape from two sides, imitating the bottom of the tie. To ensure, that the cuts are not will be shaggy, take a lighter or match and conduct along the cuts

How to make a postcard jacket

Postcard shirt with own hand jacket

Card in the form of a jacket

8. Now we begin to create a pocket jacket. For this purpose we take a paper and cut out from it a rectangle (5.5 cm × 1, 5 cm)

9. It’s time to make a handkerchief for your pocket. We take a flap of a tape, bend it so that have turned folds and glue to the back side of a paper rectangle

Postcard shirt with tie and jacket

10. Glue pocket to the jacket

Postcard Master Class Jacket

11. Put the shirt inside the jacket and glue the collar to the backside of the jacket.

12. Take a colored pencil or pen and draw seams around the edges of the jacket

Postcard jacket with own hands step by step

The postcard is ready! It is left to write pleasant words and to give to the dear person

Postcard jacket

Postcard jacket template

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