Such candlestick-lanterns will be able to give romance to the room and decorate any interior. Doing them is not difficult. Let’s take a closer look at how to manufacture flashlights. For this we will need:


  • Scissors
  • Stationery knife


  • Candle in a glass candlestick
  • Paper
  • Adhesive or scotch


1. Print the template you like

Option 1:

1 Paper candlestick pattern

Option 2:

2 Fonarikaiz paper pattern

2. We take a stationery knife and carefully make cuts on a contour of drawing. Stem and leaves cut as in the photo

Cut the candlestick out of paper

3. Petals of flowers a little bend to give volume and a better glow

Make a candlestick of paper

4. Using adhesive tape or glue glue two sides of the sheet to get the cylinder

Fold flashlight with your hands

Paper lantern with his hands

5. Place a candle in a glass candlestick in a suitable location

Candle tablet in a glass candlestick

Candle in Candlestick

6. Put our paper lantern on a candle in a candlestick

Nightlight with his hands

Enjoy the result!

Other variant of making a candlestick you can see here

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