With the help of such candlesticks from cans it is possible to decorate practically any premise and to give it a calm and romantic atmosphere. Let’s learn more about how you can make a candle from a jar with your own hands. To create it we will need:


  • Stationery knife
  • Brush


  • Glass jar
  • Paint
  • Wide scotch
  • Thick thread or rope for decoration


1. Wash and dry a glass jar.

2. Glue a scotch in the middle of can and with the help of a knife cut out contours of drawing.

3. Unstick the excess scotch (the drawing should stay on the glass jar)

Candle holder from a jar

4. Take the paint and apply it to the entire outer surface of the jar

Candlestick of the jar with own hands

5. Waiting for the paint to dry and then remove the tape.

6. Put a candle inside the candlestick and decorate the neck jars with a thick thread or rope

Bank Candle Holder

If you want, you can place inside can coffee beans and put a candle on them. This way you will not only give originality to the candlestick, but also can enjoy the unique aroma of coffee 😉

Bank candle holder with your own hands

Also it is possible to place inside a candlestick a pebbles

How to make a candlestick with your own hands

Do not be afraid to experiment and try to cut from scotch not only leaves, but also other figures

Make a candle holder from a glass jar

Another variant to create a candlestick see here

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