Let’s look at how you can make such a wonderful ladybug with your own hands. To create this craft you do not need special skills, make the ladybug can even your baby. So, let’s get started. We will need:


  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • Color paper (red, white, black)

Materials for creating a ladybug with his own hands


1. To start, you need to cut a few circles of black color. These will be the specks of our future ladybug. Also cut out 2 semicircles, eyes and tendrils.

Blanks for creating a ladybug

2. Now it is necessary to cut out the red paper one circle. It will serve as the foundation of the ladybug. Also we cut out some red strips from which we will make a back.

Blanks for the base of the ladybug of the paper










3. Next, you need to bend the edges of the red strip and glue them to the base of our product.  Then glue another striped across the first one. How to do it-look at the picture.

Forming our cow's body

4. Fill the remaining empty space with strips. So we’re forming a domed back of our ladybug.

The back of the ladybug from the paper

5. Now it is necessary to stick to a back a muzzle, eyes, tendrils and stains.

Ladybug from paper with his hands hand maid

All! The ladybug from the paper is ready!

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