• Sandpaper paper or grinding machine
  • Drill
  • Hacksaw
  • Metal corners (preferably)

Bench of pallets, tools for making


  • Pallet
  • Board
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Waterproof primer
  • Furniture varnish or paint
  • Antiseptic agent (preferably)
Stepping Instruction

1. We take one whole pallet (in our interests to use a whole pallet-all the same on it will have to sit us)

Bench of pallets

2. The pallet possessing a hacksaw in two parts.

Note: The part of the pallet on which we will gray should be slightly wider than the backrest. Therefore for seat choose a part of a pallet with four beams, and for a back-three.

Bench of pallets, chopped pallet

3. Now it is necessary at right angle to knock down two parts of a bench that the fourth crossbar of a seat are with the third crossbar of a back. With the help of additional boards available in an economy and nails connect a back of a bench with a seat (it is possible and screws, but then it is necessary to drill preliminary apertures, otherwise wood can be covered by cracks in the process of screw fasteners). The correct connection of the seat and backrest of the bench is shown in the picture below:

Knocking parts benches of pallets

Should come out here is the basis of our bench:

Finished Bench of pallets

4. To strengthen the connection of the backrest with the seat, the method of double fastening is applicable. Thanks to this method, the bench can withstand any load

Fortified Bench of pallets

5. Now you can take sandpaper paper or grinding machine and sand the entire work surface (if you do not, the surface will be rough with splinters. Agree, sit on such a bench will not be very nice)

Grinding benches from pallets

6. Now you need to attach the bench legs to the base.  This will require screwdrivers, screws, thick boards or beams. Also it is possible to make a bench without legs, then it is necessary to use other pallets as a stand.

Bench legs from pallets

7. Finished bench should be processed. This is done not only from the aesthetic point of view, but also to protect the bench from the impact of the external environment. First, you need to process the product with an antiseptic agent. It will provide protection against fungus and insects. After that, cover the bench cone primer and let it dry. Now you can cover the product with paint or furniture varnish.

All! Your bench from pallets is ready!

Bench of pallets

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