In this post we learn how to make a bow out of paper. Such an original bow can decorate almost any gift, you only need to change the size of paper strips. So, to create a bow we will need:


  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler


  • Color paper
  • Glue


1. Cut out of paper nine strips of this size:

  • Three stripes: 21х2 cm
  • Three stripes: 19х2 cm
  • Two stripes: 17х2 cm
  • One strip: 9.5 x2 cm

Gift Bow

2. Bend and glue stripes, as in the picture

Big Bow

3. Fold stripes in a bow, starting with the big ones. Do not forget glue stripes among themselves

Paper Bow

Bow of paper with your own hands

Bow paper for Gift

Beautiful bow with your own hands

Our paper bow is ready! It remains to decorate with a bow gift wrapping.

Another variant of making a bow see here

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