In this post we will learn to make such a bracelet of beads with his own hands.  So, for its made we will need:


  • Needle
  • Scissors


  • Satin ribbon (about four times longer than the finished bracelet)
  • Beads
  • Thread

How to make bracelets for beginners


1. Retreat from the edges of the tape so much space to be able to tie at the end of the bow. Bend the ribbon and then thread a needle in the ribbon, departing about 7 mm from bend. We dial one bead.

Bead bracelet with your own hands Master class

2. Wrap the ribbon half of the bead and force the needle into the tape opposite the hole beads.  Bend the tape into a loop, make sure that the loop is at the same level as the first, and then force the needle into the tape again.

Bracelet of Beads Master Class

3. Continue to sew beads to the ribbon to the preferred length of the bracelet

How to make a bead bracelet with your hands

4. From the tape make the last loop and tie the thread inside the loop on the knot, so it was not noticeable

How to make a bracelet with your hands

Our bracelet of ribbon and beads is ready!

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