Here such interesting lampshade can be made independently from a basket for papers. Let’s look at the master class to create such lampshade. So, we’ll need:


  • Drill
  • Scissors


  • Paper basket
  • Spray paint
  • Light bulb
  • Electrical cord
  • Lamp socket
  • Textile adhesive
  • Fabric and decorations for decoration


1. Take a basket of paper and paint it on both sides with spray paint in the color you like (if the color of the basket you are satisfied, you can skip this step)

Paper basket

2. Put the basket upside down and drill a hole in the middle. Through it will need to stretch the wiring.

3. Now let us begin the décor of our future lampshade. For this purpose we take a strip of a fabric (about 7 centimeters wide), compress it so that formed folds and gradually glue to the top part of a basket. The edges of the fabric should be slightly above the bottom of the basket. After that we take another piece of cloth, twist it with a tube and glue around the newly made flounce.

Decorate the lampshade from the basket

4. You can then make the fabric roses, bow and glue them to the top of the lampshade. But you can turn on your imagination and decorate the product at its discretion.

Decor for lampshade from the basket

Decorate the lampshade from the basket with your hands

That’s it! With a little effort and patience we got such an original lampshade from the basket.

Make a lampshade from the basket handmade

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