Let’s look at how you can make such an original pencil case of plastic bottles with your own hands. To create it we need:


  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Stationery knife


  • Adhesive rod
  • 2 Plastic bottles
  • Zipper
  • Materials for creating pencil with their own hands


1. Let’s get started! Take plastic bottles and remove labels from them. If after removal remained sticky places, then wipe them a liquid for removal of a varnish

Remove labels from plastic bottles

2. Using a stationery knife cut the bottles in this way:

Cut the Bottles

3. Now it’s time to take the zipper, undo it.

Lightning to create pencil

4. Use a glue gun to glue a part of the zipper to the top of the bottle (as in the photo)

Creating a pencil from a plastic bottle

Glue Zipper to the bottle

5. Take another part of the plastic bottle and glue the zipper

Glue zipper to plastic bottle

Plastic bottle organizer with his own hands

All! Our organizer is ready.